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By March 4, 2015News

The Music Brewery

UNDISCOVERED favourite Megan Dixon-Hood is back, and she has graduated to the big leagues with a full EP review for her new collection of tracks Siren.

Previous EP Early Morning Riser mixed “the twee gentle tones of Emiliana Torrini and the atmosphere and power of Julia Stone”, this time out there is more of a Dixon-Hood stamp on things.

Megan Dixon Hood

The Cheshire singer-songwriter’s expert keys are poignant, dramatic and joyful throughout, her ethereal vocals sounds more rounded and diverse, but most importantly, the production quality of the tracks really show off her talent this time round.

Recorded and mixed at Castle Rock Studios with the help of producer Alex Miller, Siren is a delightfully melancholic brief collection from a young lady on the rise.

Title track ‘Siren’ opens proceedings with that distinctive Dixon-Hood mix of dramatic keys and twee vocal tones. Gentle pitter-patter drums from Tom Reay-Bennet and twangs of guitar from Liam Morgan allow the song to burst into life.  Dixon-Hood sounds morose and mournful as she wails out the chorus “She’s just a siren calling out your name”.

Ethereal tones are present throughout as gentle outro piano leads perfectly into ‘The Storm’. The plodding beat of the track, and the near falsetto vocals of Dixon-Hood at times, are awe inspiring.

Closing track ‘Turn The Page’ is the EP’s highlight. Bouncing keys and a really full sounding backing band add layers to Dixon-Hood’s joyful vocals on this track. Lulling you into traps with the haunting, melodic breakdown the track regularly breaks out into a danceable indie wonder.

SIREN by Megan Dixon Hood

Megan Dixon-Hood has promised much in the past and seemingly delivered in the early part of 2015. What will the rest of the year hold for our undiscovered graduate?

FEBRUARY 26, 2015 CALUM WOODGER|The Music Brewery
EP artwork by Colin Halliday


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